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Note when replacing brake pads motorcycle

There are two types of brake pads used on motorcycles: organic brake pads and sintered brake pads. Brake pads made ​​from organic materials such as natural rubber or Kevlar (aromatic polyamide fiber). We are bound together and heat resistant. The advantage of this type are not polluting the environment, ease of processing, software, work fast but the downside worn smooth.

Sintered brake abrasion and high temperature components mainly for metal particles (copper or an alloy of abrasion resistance, high temperature). The brake pads should choose based on speed work. Most manufacturers offer options for all types of organic pads and sintered pads.


Small slot on the brake pads, holes in the plate to help dissipate heat, remove water, dust and dirt on the surface when exposed to disk.
All kinds of brake pads have optimal working temperature . When this excess work hardened surface gradually . Too much heat transmission into the cylinder oil can boil , melt rubber rings lead to loss of braking . To meet ongoing working process , high intensity , structure usually designed racing brake cooling system in particular .

Review after replacing brakes are needed by talking bring many benefits . If the new pads and discs , which help create the right heat when braking , it also transmits a thin layer of material from the disc pads , enhanced adhesion between the two surfaces .

In cases where new , old discs and review of the main brake pads help adapt to the disk surface , so braking review ( brake light ) in the first 100 km to increase longevity cheek . Absolutely do not use old pads with new discs , because the scratch on his cheek so will damage the disc .
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