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Yamaha V-Ixion price from $ 2,300 in Indonesia

V-Ixion launched in 2007 and became famous. The new version is action to retain old customers and attract new customers by Yamaha Indonesia. Compared with existing models, V-Ixion 2013, also known as version 2.0, share the same type monoshock rear suspension, chassis and styling is the most important single-cylinder engine capacity of 150 cc.

Yamaha V-ixion 2013.
However, the new version of the form used telescopic front forks pair and higher capacity, compared with 13.1 hp 14.9 hp on the current version. In addition, more aggressive headlights, fuel tank "trembling" as bolder and larger front tire rear tire. V-Ixion 2013 redesigned taillights as hexagons. Above the taillights, the car is in tip Yamaha logo.

In general, the overall design feels new V-Ixion "skinny" but more aggressive. In particular, the term dual clock in the current models are replaced with single clock with LCD display text when opening Hi-Bro key. Vehicles using 17 inch wheels with tires front 90/80 rear tires and 120/70.
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